The 2019 GARE Membership Meeting will be held in April 2020 at a location to be determined during the next 60 days. The event is anticipated to eclipse the 2019 edition, which featured 475 participants from more than 70 different local, regional, and state jurisdictions. The 2020 host city can expect to receive over 600 visitors from across the country. Venues and hotel options should be able to accommodate a group this size.  

Participation of host jurisdiction staff and leadership is vital throughout the entire planning process, and the conference provides an opportunity to showcase your local work towards advancing racial equity. The local planning committee is responsible for playing a large role in the planning and organization of the meeting, including programming that reflects local history and community, local recruitment and engagement, site logistics, and more.  

In selecting the location for the 2020 event, the Planning Committee will use several factors to determine its recommended choice for the host jurisdiction, reflected in the questions below. 

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