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Race Forward is teaming up with Working Films to present Race Flicks, a micro-film festival and track of Facing Race: A National Conference being held in Raleigh, NC November 12 - 14, 2020.  

Race Flicks lifts up critical issues of racial justice through film and ways that activists, organizers, nonprofits, and others can use them to advance racial justice. This year’s program will have a special focus on racial justice and equity in the U.S. South told by media makers who live in the region. We will accept films from and about other regions but will prioritize Southern stories and makers, who are widely underrepresented. As in years past, the program will continue to have a focus on accountable filmmaking that truly represents the people and places featured and holds great potential to build power among those represented in the stories at hand. 

The deadline for application is February 21st, 2020.  We will notify all applicants of your status via email in June. 

Films will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

Quality of Filmmaking and Storytelling: We are looking for beautifully shot, story-driven documentaries that use powerful characters and engaging stories to educate and move audiences. Films can be long or short form (under 75 minutes).

Diversity: In addition to addressing issues of racial justice we are interested in films that depict people of different ages, abilities, national origins, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc. 

Representation and Accountability: We are particularly interested in supporting the work of filmmakers in the U.S South. For filmmakers telling stories of a community of which they are not a part we will look for work that reflects a participatory production process that engaged the community represented in the film, and/or films that show the agency of the characters and give a true sense of their power. 

Filmmakers’ Commitment to Social Change: We want to include filmmakers who have a commitment to using their storytelling abilities to make a difference. We are interested in your plans for how your film can be used to make change.

Timeliness of the Topic: We will prioritize films that address timely, current racial justice issues in the US south.

For questions, please contact Hannah Hearn at hhearn@workingfilms.org.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.